We are a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO),
changing the gaming world while having fun.
Each member participates in the community to realize a world
where people live and enjoy playing games.

Let’s change
your life with games

Let's change your life with games.
Instead of making
money from games,
a new era
where you live by playing games.

Play to EarnPlay and Earn

With blockchain technology becoming pervasive,
the time has come when it is possible to live by playing games.
ForN is committed work in a variety of ways to enrich people's lives while they enjoy playing games.


List of Partnered Games

Coming Soon

My Crypto Heroes

Historical heroes are made into
NFTs (digital items),
and raise them to conquer the
My Crypto world.

Coming Soon



Community Links

Our community is currently built on Discord.
Members who participate in Discord
follow each other and exchange how-to information about
game strategies and crypto assets.


Business or Function Description

  • 01

    ForN Game Guild

    ForN is a DAO-type game guild service that issues tokens.
    Within the ForN service, users can create communities (clans, guilds) with other users, and allows anyone to operate as a DAO.

    *This service is scheduled to be available in the spring of 2022.

  • 02

    ForN Community

    Provides community services such as bulletin boards and chat rooms in line with Web 3.0. ForN Community allows users to post articles and videos on the game strategy bulletin board.
    It also provides a set of tools to activate communication among users, such as direct messaging to specific users.

    *This service is scheduled to be available in the spring of 2022.

  • 03

    Work request/order function

    We plan to provide mechanisms essential for Play and Earn such as a scholarship system called "Oshigoto System" which is a game play request, token staking, and more.

    *This service is scheduled to be available in the spring of 2022.

  • 04

    Blockchain Games
    Specialized marketplace

    We will provide a marketplace optimized for blockchain games.
    In order to activate the distribution of NFT items, we plan to provide dedicated media for blockchain games, that covers functions such as item market analysis and direct offers.


    Other Businesses

    We offer optimal solutions to issues in the area of blockchain game promotion, from strategic planning, preparation, execution, and analysis. We will also actively purchase NFT items and native tokens for NFT games, to establish a cooperation system ensuring the healthy growth of many contents.




The Era of Web 3.0,
for More People

In the era of Web 3.0, ForN was established
as a marketing specialist to deliver new excitement
to more people (N) faster than anyone else.
In an era when the entire society is strongly connected by networks,
ForN helps people build strong relationships
and continues to expand entertainment in the era of Web 3.0.



  • Realize Play and Earn
    based on a DAO-type user community,
    optimized for Japanese gaming culture.

  • Deliver an outstanding gaming experience,
    faster, and to more people(N)
    than anyone else.

  • Build a DAO-type ecosystem
    for a new era through games.


The Team


  • Representative Director

    Tetsuya Fujiwara

    After working for CyberAgent, moved to Netmarble Japan. As head of marketing, directed the strategic numerical design, planning and production of multiple marketing initiatives. Moved to launch GAMEPLEX, which was founded by the representative of Netmarble Japan as an independent company. Founded ForN in 2021, and serves as CEO.

  • Board Member

    Masamitsu Shiino

    He has been in charge of the strategic planning department and the programming department at Sega. After moving to Yahoo, where he was in charge of game publishers, he was appointed General Manager of the Business Development Office at Netmarble Japan.

  • Board Member

    Kenju Kikuchi

    After joining CROOZ, worked in the game development division in charge of the product and marketing departments. Also served as the representative director of a subsidiary of the same group, and the general manager of a business division of another subsidiary. After experiencing the launch of several new businesses and corporate planning, joined ForN as a director in February 2022.


  • Advisor

    Naohito Tamaya

    After serving as CEO of a Korean online game development company and director of a listed mobile game company, founded double jump.tokyo in 2018 and served as COO. Currently retired from the company and continues to serve as an advisor for Web3 related projects.

  • Advisor

    Kota Ozawa

    Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Economics. Joined CyberAgent, and overaw a new business from the first year. Selected as CA36 of CyberAgent in 2016 after launching three game-related businesses. Founded CryptoGames, Inc. in 2018.

  • Advisor

    Kohei Nakamura

    Launched various services at TokenPocket Corporation, including the TokenPocket virtual currency wallet application. Has deep knowledge of cryptocurrency-related technology and community management.

  • Ambassador

    P A N C H

    Manages a number of gaming communities while running several companies (restaurants, shipping, construction, among other businesses). A heavy gamer with experience winning 8 Japanese titles.

  • Ambassador

    Mai Fujimoto

    Since 2011, he has been working hard to promote bitcoin and blockchain both domestically and internationally. She is an ambassador for the BINANCE Charity Foundation, and also serves as an advisor to many domestic and international companies. She has invested in Sky Mavis, developer of "Axie Infinity," Yield Guild Games, the world's largest BCG guild, and Anique, creator of the NFT series "Attack on Titan: Legacy (AoTL)" with Kodansha.

  • Ambassador


    Started trading crypto assets from February 2021. Disseminates DeFi and GameFi information on Twitter GameFi Established the Japanese community for the GameFi project "Defi Kingdoms" in September 2021, and is working on as official Knight.Founded the crypto asset community "Lucian Finders Guild" in January 2022.

  • Ambassador


    He is an official player of "Monster Strike" and the first member of M4. He was also selected as an official player for "Lineage 2 Revolution," "Kings Raid," and "Seven Knights. He is also a tournament commentator for "Monster Strike Pro Tour" and "Lineage 2 Revolution Tournament LRT," and is good at explaining difficult things in an easy-to-understand way.

  • Ambassador


    As a top player of Axis Infinity, he exchanges information on various gaming projects with people from all over the world. He has experience as a tournament winner and guest commentator for the domestic game CryptoSpells. As a BCG investor, he earned 300 million yen/year through the Breed system.

  • Ambassador


    He has traded FX, CFD, and option since he was a student, and in April 2021, after meeting AxieInfinity and seeing the huge potential in the BCG area, he left his previous job to focus all of his resources on it. He also writes articles on BCG strategy and analysis data. He spends his days living in a hotel with the earnings he earns.



Media Coverage




YGG Japan Japan service started!
Under recruitment
of a large number of start-up personnel


COMPANY Company Profile

Company name: ForN Co. Ltd.
Representative Director:
Tetsuya Fujiwara
Establishment: November 26, 2021
Capital: 3,000,000 JPY (as of November 26, 2021)
Business: Token economy business
using blockchain technology
Location: 406 THE MODULE roppongi, 7-21-24,
Roppongi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
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